La Newyorkina Will Soon Join Forces With Van Horn Sandwich Shop


Fany Gerson may not have yet found a space for her La Newyorkina store, but that’s not preventing her from disseminating her paletas to as many people as possible: She’s got spots at the Hester Street Fair and the New Amsterdam Market, and is collaborating with Tortilleria Nixtamal at City Hall Park. And now, she writes in to tell us that La Newyorkina will soon be available at Van Horn Sandwich Shop.

“South and south of the border are teaming up,” she tells us. That means that she’ll be parking a La Newyorkina cart outside of Van Horn this summer, and selling flavors exclusive to the location, in addition to regular favorites like avocado, coconut, and mango. Most of the new flavors are yet to be determined, but there will “definitely” be an Arnold Palmer.

Gerson expects the cart to be up and running in three to four weeks, meaning just in time for peak popsicle season. Next to Van Horn’s whiskey apple, it’s hard to think of a more refreshing rejoinder to a pimento cheese sandwich.