MySpace Music Waves The White Flag Once More


The newest innovation for bands whose music is on MySpace, which you might remember as the hot social network of the mid-to-late aughts: An easy way to move all the content they uploaded lo those many years ago over to their Facebook page! “Wow your fans with a fully customizable, content-rich Facebook presence,” the page touts, and you can almost hear the implied “I mean, but you know you’ll be leaving us, after all we did for you… Don’t you remember 2008, and all the good times we had back then, back when Facebook was leaving you out in the ‘you’re too old’ cold?” You’d think the MySpace powers that be would have waited until Friendster was cold in the ground to have made this move, but then again, a pageview jolt is a pageview jolt, and this will surely cause a slight uptick in traffic from bands who didn’t feel like uploading all their old stuff from scratch.