New Miss Softee Drivers Promise “Sexy” Soft Serve


Speaking of food trucks, DNAinfo has some soft-serve news to share: Chrissy Michaels, better known to frozen-dairy aficionados as Miss Softee, is ready to expand her business with RollingCones, the collective of Mister Softee trucks she’s been organizing since January.

Michaels will be spending most of her time serving as the founder and director of Chrissy’s Cooking Club, a nonprofit she started in Brooklyn. Her coterie of nine new drivers includes four women, and from the sounds of it, some of them will be peddling more than ice cream. One driver in particular is promising a “sexy-themed” truck featuring bikini tops, tutus, and role-playing, which is sure to appeal to both the Comic-Con contingent and people who like breasts.

There will also be a (female) driver who dresses up like an old-school Mister Softee driver, a former bartender flaunting fresh fruit and ’50s pin-up-girl gear, and someone answering to the name of “Porkchop.”

At the beginning of April, Michaels posted a letter on Midtown Lunch acknowledging that Mister Softee “hasn’t always had the best reputation in Midtown” and promising that “this year, it’s going to change!” Bikini tops are one way to improve a reputation, to say nothing of sales.