Stabbing on Stanton Street; Bronx Zoo Peacock Has Escaped; Everybody Loves Barack Obama


• If you were woken up by a helicopter flying around your Lower East Side/East Village neighborhood at 3:30 a.m. last night, you will be interested to know that the reason for the low-flying ‘copter was an apparent stabbing on Stanton Street between Attorney and Ridge. Bowery Boogie reports that a half-dozen squad cars were on the scene and that crime tape was unrolled in the area. Chopper noise went on for some 30 minutes. The Lo-Down reports that the stabbing victim was a 50-year-old man found in the lobby of a building at 190 Stanton Street. He was dead on arrival, according to NYPD. There are no suspects at this time. Update: The Lo-Down reports that police have recovered a long kitchen knife, the apparent murder weapon, which appeared covered in blood, from a trash can in the area. Update 2: The Lo-Down has more info, including photos from the crime scene. [Bowery Boogie, The Lo-Down, EV Grieve]

• A newborn was found in a trash can at Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens yesterday. The baby’s mother, who is 23, apparently left her there and walked out. The baby is in critical condition. [WSJ]

• A peacock has escaped from the Bronx Zoo, which is slightly less dangerously exciting than a cobra. Nonetheless, according to the Daily News, Bronx residents “were thrilled at the sight of the peacock eating a hamburger bun and took pictures with their cell phones.” The zoo’s curator of ornithology says, “Usually, they wander back on their own. They want to be at the zoo. There’s lots of food and less traffic.” [Fox]

 Soho residents are not very happy with Will Smith’s obnoxiously giant movie trailers — which have marble floors throughout?! — parked in their neighborhood. [Pat’s Papers/NYP]

Public approval levels for President Obama are at a two-year high, with “more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected.” [NPR]

Bristol Palin looks different because she had corrective jaw surgery, which she says was “necessary for medical reasons.” [NBC NY]