The Jalapeño NYC Truck’s Goat Barbacoa and Salt Beef Tacos


When we told you about the newly minted Jalapeño NYC truck last week, you may have thought to yourself, “Great. Not another taco truck.” And, yes, it may be the last thing the city needs on the whole. But it certainly isn’t the last thing Fort Greene needs on a Saturday afternoon. With queues at the Brooklyn Flea not getting any shorter week by week, and tacos going for as much as $9 for two, the $2.50 menu options at Jalapeño are a welcome addition indeed.

We sampled the goat barbacoa and cecina (salt beef), each of which come on two layers of soft tortilla and topped with diced onions, cilantro, and pico de gallo, as well as a few slices of radish. The goat meat was nicely browned in certain bites, and fatty in others: an ideal mix when it comes to goat. The cecina was, as it should be, salty and smoky, with a good, meaty texture. Tortillas were sourced from various places, we were told, but seemed consistently soft and fluffy. And from a tenner, we had plenty left over for a refreshing tamarind Jarritos (soda) and a sizable tip.