Yo La Tengo Likes Sake and Grappa, but Not Stinky Tofu


Indie band Yo La Tengo are bona fide foodies! Interviewed in Wine Enthusiast magazine, the trio explain that their sole purpose for touring is to eat and drink their way through cities around the world. But they still can’t conquer every food.

“There is the food that has beaten us,” notes Ira Kaplan. And that food is stinky tofu, which most certainly lives up to its name. The soy curd is soaked for weeks in a solution of dried shrimp, vegetables, and fermented milk, and has even been described by Our Man Sietsema — an omnivore if ever one existed — as smelling “discouragingly like a mixture of poop and vomit.” But, hey, you can’t like ’em all. And the band tipples with grappa, eau-de-vie, shochu, and sake while chowing down in Nashville and Spain, two of their favorite culinary destinations. And fortunately not meccas of stinky tofu.