Both Mark Iacono and Benny Geritano May Get Off Scot-Free


Given all of the drama inherent to April’s knife fight between Lucali’s Mark Iacono and his erstwhile friend Benny Geritano, this comes as a bit of an anticlimax: Both men may go free unless one of them testifies before a grand jury.

As Gothamist reports, neither man has spoken about the fight, and without any testimony, the charges against both may be dropped. Or, as Geritano’s lawyer said in court yesterday, it’s likely that “the charge against the pizza guy and the charge against Mr. Geritano are going to wither on the vine and not go forward.” He also insisted the fight, which took place in broad daylight on Smith Street, was not the fault of his client: “There was a big knife involved, initially they thought [Geritano] had the big knife. … He didn’t. The big knife plunged into his back by the pizza pie owner.”

Regardless of whether the court finds either man guilty, it likely won’t get Iacono back to Lucali any faster: Thanks to his injuries, he’s still unable to work. His Henry Street pizzeria is now closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the pizza is being made by another employee. If Yelp is any indication, that doesn’t seem to be deterring the restaurant’s customers, though one took issue with the crust, which “goes on forever!”

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