Kenneth Moreno, NYPD Officer on Trial for Rape, Lied at Least Once on the Stand


The NYPD officer Kenneth Moreno stands accused of raping an East Village woman while on duty, having been called to her apartment to help her home because she was drunk. During his testimony this week, Moreno said he did not call the woman an ambulance because ambulances are too often tied up with drunks and they can’t make it to help the people who actually need it most. Moreno then told the story of having to administer CPR to a dying man — and eventually having to pronounce him dead — because the EMS workers were tied up with “a drunk that was giving them a hard time.” Except then the EMS worker testified and says Moreno’s story is bullshit.

The EMS worker, called by the prosecution to show Moreno’s problems with telling the truth, says it was his own partner who administered CPR. The New York Post reports:

Today, the EMS worker told jurors that his records indicate there was no other patient — drunk or otherwise — immediately prior to the Jimmy Daniels cardiac case.

And in his three years as an EMS worker, he’d in fact never seen a cop assist in doing chest compressions, the EMS worker testified.

Additionally, the prosecution called the D.A.’s chief investigator, who Moreno testified that he’d expressed his innocence to during the investigation. The D.A. investigator testified today that Moreno did no such thing.

Moreno previously admitted to having faked a 911 call so that he could return to the woman’s apartment the night of the alleged rape — just to check on her, he says.

Moreno and his partner, Franklin Mata, who stands accused as an accomplice to the rape, returned to the woman’s apartment four times that night.

The judge originally planned to have the six-week trial wrapped up this week, but it appears to be dragging on for another few days at least.


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