La Daily Musto The Video


It was only a matter of time, kids.

This esteemed, prize-winning blog has now become a gala video, courtesy of the New York Film Academy’s Geoffray Barbier.

He followed me and other zanies round the Bowery Poetry Club recently for Daniel Nardicio‘s Sh*t Show, an off-kilter live chat program, where lovable nuts like Robynne Kamil and Bianca Del Rio (and myself) fight to get a word in edgewise.

And we do!

Barbier’s short but sweet video captures the madcap mayhem of my night on the prowl.

While you soak in the personalities, the banter, and the accessories, start thinking:

What next — “La Daily Musto” the video game?

Or maybe the iPhone app?

Be careful what you wish for.