Let’s Pay Tribute To International Make Out Day In Song


Yes, apparently May 12 is the day where you’re supposed to grab someone (whether a friend, a “friend,” or a stranger) and, to quote the people putting this holiday on, “take a few minutes to enjoy what is probably the most singularly positive human experience ever.” Hey, it’s not a holiday that was made up outta nothing for economy-stimulating purposes, at least! Listen to Unrest’s fine tune “Make Out Club,” which also inspired an early-adopter social network, and check out the best music-video makeout ever (and don’t worry, it’s not the Halle Berry/Fred Durst pairing from Limp Bizkit’s “Behind Blue Eyes,” which Vh1 once erroneously called awesome)…

It’s the on-stage makeout at the climactic point of Sonic Youth’s “Dirty Boots”!

Followed by a celebratory/punishing stage dive, of course. Ah, memories. Anyway, feel free to share your own music video makeout faves!

[HT: Maria T]