NYC’s New Skeleton Street Signs Are Supposed to Remind You of Something


Alert! The city would like to remind you that Halloween is just around the corner Losing weight is as easy as walking instead of driving We’re all the same underneath our clothes Everybody’s got to go sometime so stop and smell the roses while you can A zombie apocalypse could happen Speeding kills! Hence, the new custom-designed speed board featuring that guy that your mom hangs on the door in October. You’ll start seeing these around town this summer, so don’t freak out — they are not a veiled threat. The sort of cool techy part: Apparently the skeleton will appear whenever a car goes over 30 miles per hour on city streets. Mayor Bloomberg thinks this new “graphic” image will help hammer home the message, presuming the New York City driver in question actually cares about whether he hits anyone or not. Walkers, focus on crossing the road, not staring at the sign. A Spooky Reminder to Obey the Speed Limit [NYT]