Ruben Diaz Sr. Appearing in AIDS Walk — In Drag!


In a breaking news development, Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr. is giving up his anti-LGBT “March for Morality” plans and will, in fact, be earning money for the AIDS Walk this Sunday instead.

Actually, he won’t. But a cardboard cut-out of Diaz will be raising money for GMHC in his place!

The kids over at Queer Rising, whose actions for marriage equality have been some of the more entertaining protests we’ve covered lately, were incensed when they heard of Diaz’s plans to hold an anti-gay rally during the annual AIDS Walk. Faced with a conundrum about whether to counter-protest Diaz in the Bronx, or to support the largest fundraiser to fight HIV/AIDS of the year, they’ve come up with a pretty fun solution.

From their press release:

Queer Rising will have a large cut-out Ruben Diaz figure replete with “fabulous costume changes” that people will have the opportunity to take photos with at the AIDS Walk for $1.00. All proceeds of will be donated directly to GMHC, with suggested directing of funding to HIV/AIDS work specifically in the Bronx.

Diaz is asking churches to cancel Sunday services this week, so their flocks can join him in the Bronx to rain on his son’s parade.

Meanwhile, Queer Rising, along with their life-size “Weekend at Bernie’s” style cut out of the Senator Reverend, will be meeting at 10:30 at Riverside Drive and West 95th, along the AIDS Walk route.

“If Senator Diaz cannot be bothered to advocate on his constituents’ behalf, we will have to work to make up the difference and let them know that New York stands with them,” writes Queer Rising’s Jake Goodman.


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