Today in El Diario: Renters Gripped With Fear


Renters gripped with fear

Luis Pelaez is very worried that he’ll soon have to leave New York, the Spanish-language daily reports.

That’s because he won’t be able to afford city living if rent-control laws are not extended in June. Albany is now deciding whether to extend these regulations beyond their set expiration date. New York loses 10,000 rent-controlled apartments per year, according to the publication.

“I’ve been living here for 10 years, in Building 3760 on 188th Street, in Jackson Heights, Queens, and if I had to pay more in rent, I’d have to rent the two bedrooms to friends and move into the living room,” Pelaez told the paper.

“I’m a construction worker, and if they raise the rent, I’m going to have to leave New York, because I can’t keep up with the costs, which are already too high.”

Pelaez is one of the of the 2.5 million lower- to middle-income New York residents who live in rent-controlled housing, the paper reports.

Javier Valdes, of Make the Road New York, said that an extension of rent-control laws is vital for working-class immigrants, like Pelaez.

“We’re sending a bus to Albany so that they don’t forget the importance of rent control,” he told El Diario. “We need Governor Cuomo to do his part and try to get the extension passed.”