Video From the Lone Dude Protesting Tom Cruise’s Humanitarian Award


We were looking forward to some reports from last Thursday night’s gala at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Beverly Hills, where Tom Cruise received his humanitarian award. But we noticed, as it approached, that normally assertive anti-Scientology protester-types in Los Angeles had put out the word not to show up, for some reason.

Well, no one apparently told Angry Gay Pope, flamboyant anti-Scientology protester extraordinaire (check out his website at, it’s a riot), who showed up only to find he was a one-man demonstration. But that may have actually helped make his video even funnier. (My favorite part: Check out the ponytail on the doofus who keeps telling AGP to “get a life.”)

For some background on Cruise’s award, check out our earlier post. And don’t miss Paulette Cooper’s remarkable denunciation of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s decision to decorate the man who is synonymous with Scientology.