When Trying to Outrun Cops After Hijacking a Tow Truck, One Should Wear Shoes


Bizarrely, a woman hijacked a tow truck on an L.A. freeway, leading to a high-speed chase, leading to a slower-speed chase when she climbed out of the truck’s window and tried to outrun the cops in tiny spandex shorts, a cut-off top, and bare feet (ow — even those hideous FiveFinger running shoes would have been acceptable here). Onlookers must have been amazed. She is fast. She failed. Fortunately, it was all caught on video, which, via the New York Daily News, is worth a watch, for cautionary, anthropological, and “holy shit” purposes.

Also worth noting:

Los Angeles police Lt. Wayne Lightfoot told NBC Los Angeles that the woman did not give her name “either because she was unable to provide it, severely mentally impaired, or under the influence.”