Carla Hall Wants to Sell You Cat Food




Fancy Feast Elegant Medley — last seen ’round these parts pushing “Florentine-style” cat food on Our Man Sietsema — has enlisted Carla Hall to do its bidding.

Hall, a willing pawn on two seasons of Top Chef, can now be seen in the above advertisement for Fancy Feast’s flavor-creation contest. “HI, I’M CARLA!” she shouts at the camera. “I’M SERVING SOMETHING YUMMY TO SOMEONE SPECIAL!” That special someone is not, unfortunately, Tom Colicchio, but Fancy Feast’s fluffy white mascot. Suddenly, cooking at Target isn’t looking so undignified.

The contest Hall is endorsing asks cat owners to submit their recipe ideas for cat food. Hall will choose the grand-prize winner, though she doesn’t say if she’ll be tasting it herself. But perhaps the most thought-provoking detail of this very thought-provoking video is that Purina employs an executive chef. So there’s an actual person we can blame for Elegant Medley’s Yellowfin Tuna Florentine. Hootie-hoo!