Girl Next Door’s Tart & Tipsy Brownie Are Beautiful & Boozy


While we at Fat Pants Friday appreciate a good brownie, we do not typically seek them out, for the simple reason that we are not huge fans of chocolate desserts. We know this is heresy, but ever since a torrid Saturday five years ago involving half a loaf of Zingerman’s chocolate-cherry bread and a batch of chocolate cupcakes, we’ve shied away from too much cacao content.

Still, in a world of dry, one-dimensional, sickly-sweet brownies, one that is moist, flavorful, and nuanced deserves respect and attention.

That’s the conclusion we came to after eating a Tart & Tipsy brownie from Girl Next Door Baked Goods. We found this brownie at last week’s Hester Street Fair, where Girl Next Door’s table stood as an oasis of sanity and free samples amid the market’s roiling throngs.

The pleasant couple behind the table explained that they had several varieties for sale, but as soon as we heard “bourbon-soaked cherries,” we knew there was no choice but to buy a Tart & Tipsy ($2.50) and eat it as soon as possible. So we did, and were duly impressed. While the brownie isn’t large by the standard of most brownies, it’s a potent, lusty thing.

The cherries — fat, plentiful, and pickled with booze — are tart as advertised, and the crumb is moist and rich with quality chocolate. It’s basically a four-bite brownie, but what a four bites they are. If there’s anything that could lure us back into the chocolate fold, it’s this, so we’ll happily anticipate the bakery’s return to Hester Street in the near future. The brownies are, incidentally, also available online, but there’s something about vanquishing a crush of shoppers that makes them that much more enjoyable. Victory is sweet.

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