John Waters: Black and Hispanic Churches Are The Enemy


The longtime “sultan of bad taste” and my personal hero, John Waters, has upset people for years with his wonderfully sick humor.

And now he’s teeing them off all over again by speaking his mind.

Says Waters:

“The main people who are fighting gay marriage are Hispanic and black churches, so if you really want to have a gay march, go picket black churches.

“Now that’s a photo op from hell.”

Well, there’s some truth to what Waters says, but I don’t want to discriminate against all those amazing white homophobes and/or Mormons who have raised so much money and fought such a valiant struggle to vengefully prevent gay adults from marrying.

By omitting their incredible contribution to society, Waters’s point of view is a form of reverse racism.

Stop making uppity crackers invisible! Let’s give these tirelessly hateful whiteys some credit, too!