Mike Huckabee Contributes to Ongoing Problem of White America’s Fugue State


When Joe My God pointed out that Mike Huckabee has animated a bunch of kids using a homemade time machine to witness the Reagan Revolution firsthand, we had to see it to believe it.

Check the black guy in the “DISCO” T-shirt yelling, “Gimme yo’ money!” whose “morals are just gone!” Also, it’s kind of entertaining when they extol the virtues of a President who inspires a nation with “hope.” (You know, the Gipper.)

But it gets even better, when the kids take an animated trip back to Nazi Germany, to learn the real origins or World War II!

“You go, girl!” (Of course, even though the cartoon tots learn that “every American pulled together to win this war,” there is no mention of the paraplegic socialist demon in the Oval Office at that time.)

That there’s even a market for these videos goes to show that from Trump to Huckabee to that naked, screaming man on the 6 train, white America has still lost its mind.


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