NYPD Left Terrorism Task Force Plan in Trash


Animal New York‘s Bucky Turco was strolling on 42 Street for some reason and happened upon an empty trash can in front of the NYPD’s Manhattan South Task Force station. Well, empty except for the NYPD’s counterterrorism plan, printed in full and in perfect condition, including “specific locations and deployment instructions for the NYPD’s Chemical Ordnance, Biological, Radiological Awareness (COBRA) taskforce to undertake should a vengeful Osama Bin Laden sympathizer decide to retaliate on Times Square.” Naturally Turco put it all on the internet for us to ogle at, but more so at the stupidity of whoever basically handed it us — and “the enemy,” if he’s out there! Maybe the boys in blue should switch up the plan now? Just in case. [Animal NY]