Sel de Mer’s Crabcake Sliders Could Make an Ancient Mariner Cry Salty Tears of Joy


Williamsburg’s Sel de Mer is a kind of pescatarian Xanadu, its menu crammed with creatures pulled from the sea and grilled, fried, steamed, and battered to perfection. We don’t get there enough, but when we do, we eat things like their fish ‘n’ chips and swear with a certain degree of futility to return as soon as possible. Last night, Sel de Mer’s crabcake sliders made us utter a similar oath.

The crabcakes are featured as a special, and like the restaurant’s vaunted fish cake sliders, they’re served two to a plate and cradled by a split and toasted English muffin. They squat on top of avocado and tomato slices and a smear of what appears to be green aioli, and are crowned with a thatch of greenery. The cakes themselves boast a deeply tanned, pan-fried exterior and tender, meaty innards, the perfect combination of squish and crunch.

The sliders come with fries, but you can substitute cabbage slaw, as we did. It’s very lavender and tangy, and makes a refreshing complement to the sliders, which despite their deceptively dainty size are unabashed gutbombs. At $14, they’re also a relative bargain, and one we plan to take advantage of again — sooner than later, we hope.

Sel de Mer
374 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn