The Upper West Side Could Get ‘Limo Lanes’


The Department of Transportation is thinking about creating “limo lanes” — yes, lanes for limousines — on the Upper West Side, because people who live in the Trump and Extell buildings on Riverside Drive from West 63rd to West 72nd are, apparently, causing traffic jams with their “chauffeured rides” waiting for them, reports the New York Post. Lest you think “chauffeured rides” idling and waiting for you to leave your Trump building to go to your destination are hifalutin’, these people really have no other choice. After all, they’re at least two blocks from the subway or a bus line! And cabs are so unreliable. What to do…besides move?

In fairness, what the Post is calling a limo is probably in more cases just a car service car — but it remains to be seen whether the DOT’s proposed eight little parking spots to be reserved for drivers between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. will really help with the clutter of individual people wanting individual vehicles to take them to their destinations if and when they say so — not to mention with the general overall traffic morass that happens beyond Riverside Drive.

If approved by the community board, the lanes would go into effect in late June, and cops would boost their presence in the area for enforcement purposes, which sounds like a good use of everyone’s time. There’s also a chance to get bus service in the area, but the bus is so inconvenient.

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