The Wine App We’ve Been Waiting For


If you like to dabble in oenophilia, then you have probably found yourself with this dilemma: Over a long meal, when bottle after bottle is passed around, there is that one that stands out. You remember how it tasted and felt on your tongue, but the name escapes you. Maybe you were even so bold as to peel off the label so that you wouldn’t forget it, but that piece of paper didn’t manage to make it home with you. Or maybe it did, and your pile of labels is getting harder and harder to keep track of. A new wine app can help.

It allows you to scan the bar code on a bottle so you can keep track of what (although not necessarily how much) you drink. The Natalie MacLean Wine Picks & Pairings app is also great to use when shopping for wine. Simply snap a pic with your smart-phone camera of the label bar code in the store, and it returns wine expert Natalie MacLean’s tasting notes, scores, and food pairings. The app features a database of some 150,000 wines, and the ability to track purchases, keep your own notes in a wine journal, and share your favorites on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll never long for that long lost bottle again.