British Woman Beheaded in Spain


This is a strong front-runner for the most gruesome and chilling story of 2011 so far: a British woman vacationing in Spain was randomly beheaded in a supermarket. The murderer, a 28-year-old unemployed Bulgarian man, walked into a supermarket in the town of Arona on Tenerife island and stabbed 60-year-old Jennifer Mills-Westley, literally beheading her. He then left the supermarket holding the head, according to witnesses.

A reporter in Tenerife was an accidental eyewitness to the incident.

“I heard people shouting and screaming and making a commotion. A Hispanic-looking guy, very scruffy, was walking behind me muttering to himself, carrying what I thought was a joke head by the hair, with blood.

“It made me think of Clash of The Titans, gorgons. I thought … ‘it’s a joke’. The man was in his late 20s … He was a bit dishevelled, unwashed, he was wearing a jumper and trousers, when everyone else is wearing shorts. Even at 10.30 in the morning, it’s boiling.”

And another witness had an equally gruesome sighting:

“I parked my car and saw a man running out with something bloody in his hands and a security guard chasing him. He threw it to the ground. It almost hit me.

“What he had been carrying was a woman’s head.”

The attack, which doesn’t appear to have had any discernible motive, was recorded on the supermarket’s surveillance cameras.