Things You Don’t Need: Funny Kitchen’s Banana Slicer


Purchased by Fork in the Road’s San Francisco correspondent Tracy Van Dyk in the Hong Kong airport, the banana slicer is one kitchen utensil you can probably do without.

How hard is it to slice a banana? It takes 10 seconds and you can do it with a butter knife. Yet there is a special kitchen utensil to accomplish it. The banana slicer will take up lots of your limited drawer space, and require a certain dexterity to align it over the banana.

The company also apparently makes an apple slicer, posing the question: Is there one slicer for every fruit?

The name of the manufacturer is Fackelmann, and the line of products Funny Kitchen, and by that we suspect they mean something more like Fun Kitchen. Dig the company’s weird logo, which is like a ransom note with letters cut out from periodicals.

The company is Russian, the banana slicer is manufactured in China, and apparently distributed worldwide, because a chart on the back translates the nature of the utensil into a breathtaking number of languages. Our Fork in the Road language experts took a look at them and guffawed. The Slovak name, for example, translates the device as “banana knife,” which doesn’t quite describe it correctly.

Anyway, this is probably something you don’t need to add to your kitchen repertoire, but at the very least it’s a lesson in international culinary commerce, and testament to the fact that a sucker is born every minute.

How many of these can you translate?