A Brief List Of Female Singer-Songwriters Who Might Not Fit The “White Girl With Acoustic Guitar” Mold, But Who Certainly Shouldn’t Be Ignored By Overly Strict ’90s Revivalists


Hey, so the new Jane Pratt venture XOJane launched today! And one of the Sassy granddaughter’s first music-related articles is Yet Another Thing About The Now Gingrich-Assisted ’90s Fetishism Happening Right Now, in which Emily McCombs pleads, “Can the ’90s Revival Include Female Singer-Songwriters, Please Please Please?” In it, the apparently Grey’s Anatomy-bereft McCombs mourns radio stations that had Paula Cole and Meredith Brooks in heavy rotation at all times, and poses the question, “someone please put a song about my period on the radio?” Judging by the snarky (ooh!) edits from Jane included within, I guess the piece is supposed to come off as kinda bubbleheaded–where is PJ Harvey these days, am I right?–but this piece (which also uses the phrase “women in rock” seriously) is so silly that it needs to be combated with the Realest Of Real Talk: A list. Of female singer-songwriters. Who are currently making music that you might even hear on the radio today, and who might write about your menstruation-related travails, Emily McCombs, if you ask nicely, or give them a wad of cash!

Lady Gaga
Solange Knowles
Marnie Stern
Marsha Ambrosius
Kara DioGuardi (mostly including her to remind myself about Platinum Hit, the show that’s going to try and turn the songwriting process into something televisual)
Chan Marshall (who was at Lilith Fair last year!)

And that’s just the tip of the “I have to get this post up before 10 a.m.” iceberg! Also, I guess Jewel’s album of lullabys didn’t quite reach the post-Jane demo, huh?