First Gay Bar in an Atlantic City Casino: I Was There!


It’s on the 13th floor of Resorts’ Ocean Tower, but here’s hoping that won’t be an unlucky roll of the dice.

Resorts’ LGBT marketing man, Joel Ballesteros, sent a bunch of us there this weekend for the gala opening, which started with a performance of the old-school drag revue “Believe — Divas in a Man’s World” in a theater on the same ominous floor.

It was incredibly lively and entertaining, MC’d by Gary Dee as Joan Rivers, cracking jokes like, “We have a Monica Lewinsky slot machine. It says, ‘Insert Bill'” and “Snooki went for a hemorrhoid operation. They found a brain tumor.”

Also starring were …

Jimmy Electra as Bette Midler (a great friend from way back, he captures Bette’s camp and poignancy); Eddie Summers as Patti LaBelle (sensational); Frank Moore as Prince (he did the robot and everything!); and Phyl Craig as Liza Minnelli and Nancy Sinatra (a double threat).

“But what happened to the Gaga impersonator?” I blithely wondered after the show.

“She was a bitch,” replied Steven Andrade, who produces and does Cher to a T.

Then all of us bitches moved over to the new bar, Prohibition — studded with red banquettes and potted palms — which was at first weirdly filled with high rollers and bachelorettes.

Gay bar?

Maybe it was the coy promotion: “A classic speakeasy with a modern twist. Shhh …”

But an hour later, it had picked up, with more gays and energy, and hot live singing by Erika Schiff of In the Blonde.

There were even some lesbians!

I’m all for the movement to bring more gay action to the Jersey Shore.

Let’s support this place so they don’t decide the LGBT market isn’t worth it.

Let’s take the bored out of the boardwalk.