jj Has Released Two Lovely New Songs For Free


The Swedish duo jj yesterday put out the virtual single “No One Can Touch Us Tonight,” a pair of songs that claim to represent “what spring sounds like/ what love looks like/ what life feels like”; the sweetly melancholy A-side might be more apropos for a day brighter than the gloominess New York is currently suffering through, while the sleepy, threadbare “Ice” matches today’s mood quite well. For those people who can’t bear to listen to only virtual music, jj’s label Sincerely Yours has made available a limited-to-10-copies 7-inch with a handmade cover–and those people with an object fetish will be set back about $150, give or take currency fluctuations, in order to satiate their desires.

jj – No One Can Touch Us Tonight

jj – Ice

[via Pitchfork]