Lady Gaga Drags The Boss To The Club On ‘Hair’


Is all you need for a “Bruce Springsteen-like song” these days a Clarence Clemons sax solo, some chimingly anthemic piano lines, and a big old “Be My Baby” drumbeat on the pre-outro breakdown? Lady Gaga sure hopes so; she’s claiming that her latest Born This Way teaser track, “Hair,” is directly inspired by The Boss, and I suppose its lyrical themes of self-actualization in the face of parental disapproval could be seen as related to some of Springsteen’s themes. (Not sure what the Stevie Nicks channeling on the bridge is supposed to represent, though. A trip to the karaoke bar?) Embed after the jump.

In the pantheon of already-leaked Gaga singles, I’d say that “Judas” > “Edge of Glory” > “Born This Way” > “Hair” so far–and “Hair” might have inched ahead of the album’s title track if it was maybe a minute shorter. But at least we have 10 more tracks to sample between now and the album’s release in a week!