On Treme, New Orleans and Anthony Bourdain Get Revenge on Alan Richman


Almost five years after Alan Richman took a big, steamy dump all over New Orleans and its restaurants, and three years after he left a similarly fragrant calling card at Les Halles, both the city and Anthony Bourdain have gotten their revenge on the GQ critic.

On last night’s episode of Treme, Richman got a Sazerac thrown in his face by Janette Desautel, a New Orleans chef working in a New York restaurant. As was announced earlier this year, Anthony Bourdain wrote certain scenes for the episode, and undoubtedly relished writing this one in particular. “This is how the Creole fairy folk back home cure their three-day stubble,” Desautel says before tossing her drink on Richman. You can see the whole thing over on Eater.

On the GQ site, Richman has written about his experience filming the show. He describes Bourdain’s script as “fair” and “fun.” As this follows an Eater interview in which Bourdain said of Richman, “I hate the bastard, but I admire him,” perhaps this signals some sort of peace accord. Still, we’re not expecting to see Richman and Bourdain sharing a meal of yak testicles on No Reservations any time soon.