Republicans For Gay Marriage Are Actually Our Enemies!


No, I swear!

Some Repubs have been sending out messages as mixed as the fabrics they wear.

This heated message just came in from journalist Andy Humm, who sent it as a letter to the Times:

“The conservative high rollers, including Mayor Bloomberg, who have now decided it is OK for gay couples to get married in New York are the same ones who …

“… have elected Republican-dominated anti-gay, anti-union, anti-women legislatures across the country that are cutting billions to social services including for AIDS drugs programs and to homeless gay and transgendered youth among many others —

“Not to mention blocking laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination in jobs, housing and public accommodations.

“As a longtime gay activist, I do not welcome their blood money.

“What profit to us if we gain marriage licenses (which NY gay couples already get in CT anyway) and lose everything else we are working for?”

It’s so true.

Do you accept a handout someone’s giving you while knifing you in the back with the other hand?