Sixpoint Flashes Its Cans for Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day weekend is 11 long days away, and courtesy of Sixpoint Brewery, there is now another reason to mourn its relative distance.

To mark the holiday, the Red Hook brewery is premiering a line of canned beers. That means that Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, Righteous Ale, and the Crisp will soon be available in 16-ounce four-packs in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia.

It seems that cans offer numerous advantages: According to Sixpoint’s release, they keep beer fresher because there’s no air pocket between the liquid and lid, unlike in bottled beers; aluminum cans don’t allow light to filter through, and they take up less space during shipping. Also, as the accompanying photo illustrates, they look pretty, make that great cracking sound when they’re opened, and will never, ever shatter when you drop them in a drunken stupor.