What’s on Your ‘Post-Rapture Looting’ Wish List?


Because the Rapture will descend on this mortal coil Saturday and whoosh away all “true followers” of Christ, many forward-thinking sinners are already planning ahead for that Holy Vaccuum. Specifically, the immediate wake, when the born-again folks have been sucked up to Heaven, the earthquake is over, and the remaining unsaved baddies will be left standing around, wondering where all those cute blue-haired Wal-Mart greeters went. There’s even a Facebook event invite for that window of time, three uninterrupted hours of zealous “Post-Rapture Looting.” (Update: The event creator speaks!)

The riot is scheduled from noon to 3 p.m. on May 21, courtesy of Facebook users Ben Conner and Carl W. Franke (?), who are apparently on the hunt for “some sweet stereo equipment” and “maybe some new furniture.” The location is, of course, everywhere, time zones be damned. As of this moment, more than 53,000 people have RSVP’d, at a rate of 5,006 an hour (seriously, I did the math), with 3,764 unsure of their salvation and “maybe” attending.

The invite has, naturally, inspired thousands of responses. Like looting wish lists.

Some of which read like the Vice Guide to Kentucky.

There’s wide speculation about what this particular strain of Doomsday Christian actually owns.

And fantasies that are maybe best left on OkCupid.

Also, understandable concern about the status of the Preakness.

And: compelling arguments for inviting Jesus into your heart, like, now.

It’s worth noting that Saturday’s prophecy comes directly from the mouth of a man named Harold Camping who originally decided the world would end in 1994, but upon further “recalculation” (once the world continued to exist), realized the actual day would be May 21, 2011. Hey, we all make mistakes! [Facebook]

Updated, May 17, 12:10 pm EST: Reached via Facebook, event co-creator Ben Conner explains, “I wrote that [event invite] as a joke to send the other atheist I work with–I sent it to exactly one person,” he notes, clarifying that the other person was event-invite co-founder Carl Franke. “He posted it on a few atheist sites and it’s blown up. Had no idea I was creating a meme at the time.”

At the time of this update, 112,332 have RSVP’d and the wall postings keep coming and coming. . .

And, er, yeah.