Adrian Busby, New York FBI Agent, Busted For Extracurricular Activities With Informant, And Lying About It


Oops! An FBI agent has been arrested for getting “intimate” with a confidential source and lying about it, federal prosecutors in Manhattan tell us this afternoon.

Busby, 37, had been assigned to the New York FBI’s mortgage fraud division, where he was supposed to be investigating the lowlifes who screwed us out of a healthy housing market. Instead, well…

(By the way, yes that is J. Edgar Hoover at right. Not Adrian Busby.)

Busby’s relationship with source began in January, 2008, the feds say. In February, 2008, she was arrested by Queens prosecutors on identity theft charges. Busby, allegedly, was thoughtful enough to help her with her legal defense, and then leaked confidential law enforcement reports about her case to her defense lawyers.

His girlfriend was convicted in December, 2009. Busby, the indictment says, repeatedly lied to his bosses about their relationship, about helping her with her legal defense, and even about the fact that she had an open criminal case against her.