Brooklyn Subway Ad Scribblers Profess Their Love for ‘Fat Chix,’ Use Bridesmaids Movie Poster as a Cipher


The phrase “fat chicks” isn’t necessarily offensive, as we recently learned from researching the feature story “Guys Who Like Fat Chicks” — in some circles, the words have been reclaimed as an defending-honor twist on the crass beer-coozy slogan “No Fat Chicks.”

It’s definitely a genuine term of endearment for Fat Admirers. Men who find chubby, elbow-dimpled women far hotter than their duck-faced, flat-stomached counterparts.
 Boys who empathize when Glee bad-boy Noah “Puck” Puckerman serenades McKinley High wrestling-team doyenne Lauren Zizes with “Fat Bottomed Girls.” Guys who admittedly find plus-sized actress Melissa McCarthy way, way hotter than her Playmate-turned-actress cousin Jenny.

So this proclamation (albeit misspelled) on a Brooklyn Bridesmaids subway ad, underneath actress Melissa McCarthy — with a secondary affirmation scribbled in a different ink below — may in fact be sincere. Because, you know, why not?