Cocktail Consultant Teaches ‘How to Behave in a Bar’ Class; Dan Aykroyd Has 21,000 Bottles of Crystal Head Vodka Stolen


Bars are serving up flowers in cocktails around the city, including elderflower and violet in a Howard Hughes at the Lion, lavender in a No. 6 at Imperial No. Nine, and hibiscus in the Hibiscus Punch at Koi.
[NY Post]

At Provocateur, a nightclub in the Meatpacking District, a new menu of seasonal cocktails created by a bartender and beauty vendor are said to pamper the skin.
[NY Times]

A cocktail consultant presented a seminar during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic entitled “How to Behave in a Bar.”
[NY Post]

Oregon is equal parts hiking country and wine country, and when the two are combined, it’s called “wiking.”
[NY Times]

Dan Aykroyd said he was both “distressed and elated” when he learned that 21,000 bottles of his Crystal Head Vodka were stolen from a warehouse.

A group of dental offices in Texas are serving beer and wine to adult patients to help them calm down before appointments.
[ABC News]

A brewery in Australia is hoping to get the jump on forthcoming space tourism with the first beer that can be enjoyed at zero gravity.

Smirnoff has introduced the Masala Marke pack in India, which includes vodka, lemonade, and a sachet of “chatpata” chaat masala to make nimbu-paani lemonade.