Foodily to Launch Nutrition Labels, Letting You Know If Your Recipe is for Fatties or Super Fatties


Foodily, what was being billed just a few months back as “the Facebook of food,” seems to be shifting its focus slightly away from the social networking aspect of the site and more toward a recipe database. And it’s becoming even more competitive in the marketplace. Starting on Monday, according to Mashable, the site will launch nutrition labels and let users compare stats among recipes.

The site will also let users search terms like “low fat,” “low carb” and “high fiber,” and compare the calories per gram of each recipe, making clearer-cut distinctions about caloric info rather than using vague descriptors like serving size. It also lists whether the saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and fiber levels are low, medium, or high. Seems like it could be a useful tool, especially now that Google has gotten into the recipe search race. But “low” and “medium” still aren’t great descriptors. What they need is the Fat Pants Friday fatty scale. Because that tells it like it really is.