Most Americans Plan to Spend More on Booze This Year


Planning. It’s not always part of our drinking repertoire, but we can’t begrudge it. After all, planning, like budgeting, like saving your pennies for a rainy day so that you can buy the very best tequila when the time comes, is something to be admired, even if we find ourselves occasionally without such forward-thinking capabilities (today is a rainy day!). So, we congratulate the 87 percent of Americans who, according to a recent survey by business advisory firm AlixPartners, are planning to spend more money on booze — or at least as much — in the next 12 months as they did in 2010. This is not because consumers are necessarily bigger drinkers, or depressed, or unemployed, or worried about the end times, but because they are “slowly going from pessimistic toward cautiously optimistic,” says AlixPartners’ David Garfield. This means, the economy is maybe almost finally getting better. Let’s celebrate. [The Fix]