NYPD Rape Case Rests Against ‘New York’s Worst’


“They were supposed to be New York’s finest,” prosecutor Coleen Balbert said in her closing statement today against officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata. “But on December 7, 2008, they were New York’s worst.” Moreno stands accused of raping a drunk East Village woman while Mata waited in the living room after the pair were called to help her home. Balbert’s finale after a six-week trial was about four hours long, the New York Post reports. “This was not about Officer Moreno helping someone,” she said. “This was about Officer Moreno having sex with a drunken, vulnerable, helpless girl.” Balbert said the men “disgraced their profession,” and should be found guilty despite the lack of forensic evidence: “We don’t have to prove semen beyond a reasonable doubt,” she said. Jury deliberations were expected to begin today, but could be pushed until tomorrow. [NYP]