NYPD Rape Trial Hears Closing Defense Argument: Accuser Just Wants $57 Million


The defense attorney for New York City cops Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata, accused of raping a drunk East Village woman, delivered his closing statement in Manhattan Supreme Court yesterday, calling the alleged victim a golddigger. “$57 million — that’s a lot of money,” said Edward Mandery, according to the New York Post. “She knows she may never have to work for the rest of her life.” He said the forensic evidence doesn’t show definitively that she was raped. “There are more holes in this case than a slice of Swiss cheese,” Mandery told the jury.

Also, she was too drunk to remember what happened anyway, the defense contends. “It’s very dangerous to rely upon the testimony of someone who doesn’t have a clear memory, who doesn’t have an accurate memory,” Mandery said.

In his testimony, Moreno contends that the woman came on to him while he was trying to help her get to bed after a very drunken night. Mata stands accused as an accomplice of the rape for standing by during the alleged attack.

The accuser says she was in and out of consciousness, but recalls being penetrated from behind and waking up in a pile of her own vomit.

Coleen Balbert will deliver the closing statement for the prosecution today, drawing attention to the holes in the cops’ stories and their admitted lies.