Pizza Eating Contest Attracts Guess Who?


Did I have a big, rollicking one-nighter in Atlantic City!

And high on the list of activities was Pizza Slaughter-Fest at Tony Boloney’s, the area’s pizza-est pizza/sub/everything destination.

The winner — see below — consumed no fewer than 30 slices in 37 minutes! With toppings!

And he’s not a porker!

(He must burn it off with his frantic intake skills.)

As I left, applauding madly, I was generously handed a long, luxurious Tony Boloney cheesesteak thanks to the restaurant’s Michael S. Hauke, who founded and MC’s the event, a benefit for Alex’s Lemonade Stand children’s cancer charity.

And I inhaled it in 37 seconds!


(Photos by Tom Briglia, PhotoGraphics Photography)

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