Ray’s Is Up a Creek, Not Paddling


The shit just keeps hitting the fan at Ray’s Candy Store. After being shut down yesterday morning by the Health Department, Ray Alvarez reopened his candy store and kept serving customers (including, incidentally, cops), none of whom seemed to mind the big yellow DOH badge of shame on his window.

But as Neither More Nor Less reports, the DOH was not amused. At 4:30 p.m., another DOH inspector visited the store and issued Alvarez more violations, along with a $2,000 fine for violating the store’s closure. Given his cash flow problems, it’s anyone’s guess how Alvarez will pay it — and when his 37-year-old store will reopen, if at all. While we applaud Alvarez’s defiance of the DOH’s imperious and often inane decrees, we mourn his lack of common sense. Hell hath no fury like a health inspector scorned.