There Is a Long Line Outside of the Washington, D.C. Shake Shack


As has long been expected, Shake Shack today opened its first location in Washington, D.C. Located in Dupont Circle, it’s peddling more or less the same menu it does here, albeit with shakes named with site-specific puns like Majority Whip (vanilla custard, crepe crispies, seasonal fruit, and whipped cream) and Washington Monu-Mint (custard, minted marshmallow, and chocolate cookie dough).

Washington — or at least the part that can endure a 45-minute wait for a burger — seems to be responding to its advances. At around 1:29 p.m., The Washington Post‘s Tim Carman Tweeted that there were 70 people in line in front of him, but that Shack employees were plying the crowd with free shake samples. It only took Carman 26 minutes to place his order, four minutes more to locate free Shake Shack shades, and five more minutes to get his food. There’s no word yet on whether it was worth the wait, but there is compelling evidence that Washington, D.C., is just as batshit crazy as New York, New York.