At Smorgasburg, Matthew Tilden’s TOASTbar Will Serve Lots of “Messy, Get-Your-Hands-Dirty Delicious”


When we last saw Matthew Tilden, he was at Choice Eats, manning a table that groaned with brownies, bread, and all manner of glutinous delights. He told us at the time that he was working on some new SCRATCHbread projects, and, just in time for Smorgasburg this Saturday, he wrote in earlier this week to give us a better idea of what he’s working on right now.

“This week is a solid launching pad for one of many rounds that will provoke a really fun summer for Scratch,” he writes. “I’ve been dabbling with the idea of bringing these products more into life, by playing with the supposed SCRATCHbread ‘finished products’ and doing what I love doing, giving chefs a great product to play with. This time, however, I’ve put a little of my own chef back into the mix.”

What this means is that Tilden, who started his bakery in the back of Toby’s Public House in 2009, will use Smorgasburg to launch a new concept called TOASTbar. “It’s gonna be a simple standing ‘bar’ with wooden tabletops just to chill for a moment and eat simple, toast-influenced, spreadable, messy get-your-hands-dirty delicious.”

That translates to “fresh-pulled mozzarella squished between our olive oil-drenched focaccia, seasonal pesto on parma loaf, whole bulb-roasted garlic to spread on crusty sourdough, cured wild salmon with fresh horseradish and beet, and morning amuse items like the Oatmeal Chunky, smashed with fresh berries, house crème frâiche, mint, and rosemary … shorties and buttercream brownies, and I’m working on a traditional Indian chai, which we’ll soon have on tap.” And that’s just the beginning: Tilden — who told us last year that he wanted to open a creamery — adds, unsurprisingly, that “I’ve got a ton of ideas we’ll change up as we go.”

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