Ballet Opening Gala Brings Out The Hair!


Socialites wore their best gowns and biggest coifs for the ABT opening-night gala at the Met, which made it a bad idea to nab a seat right behind them.

What you witnessed from a better perch were snippets of the ballet company’s upcoming season — some old, some new, all swell — though the biggest crowd-pleasing act, as usual, was when dancers twirled over and over till they looked dizzier than a socalite’s hairdresser.

For this crowd, you spin, you win.

The honorary co-chair was Michelle Obama, and Caroline Kennedy gave a nice speech, not saying “uh” as often as usual.

Intermission was longish, but not long enough for the Upson Downs types who came to schmooze and compare outfits.

But they sat back down and thrilled to the best piece of choreography of the night, which came whenever a dancing duo took a curtain call.

In classic style, the man would run behind the curtain and come out crouching and holding a bouquet.

The woman would take it, bow, then pick one flower out of the bunch, kiss it, and gently hand it back to him.

He’d nobly accept it while tenderly kissing her wrist.

Top that, Natalie Portman and whatshisname.