Gilt Taste Launches, Selling Meat the Price of Your Mortgage and More!


Gilt Taste, the epicurean arm of the luxe Gilt Groupe, launched today, offering both an online marketplace for specialty foodstuffs and an online magazine led by editorial advisor Ruth Reichl (formerly of Gourmet) and features editor Francis Lam (formerly of Salon). Naturally, it features lots of truffles, caviar, and oysters. But fear not, come summer it’ll offer weekly deals. In case, like, a $549 ham is out of your budget.

The editorial side looks more interesting. Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy will be writing a feature called “Eat Shoots & Leaves” about what to do with your veggie waste and leftovers. Melissa Clark offers recipes — the kind of chic yet homey dishes that make her New York Times pieces entertaining. And Barry Estabrook will be opining on food policy and the environment. Makes the demise of Gourmet actually seem like a good thing, no?

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