Jilted Bride Tries to Jump From Ledge in China; Internet Critiques Her Footwear


Changchun, eastern China: A woman is trying on her wedding dress when her husband-to-be calls off the wedding because he’s in love with someone else. The woman is, understandably, devastated. The woman happens to be in an apartment with a window ledge that’s seven stories aboveground. She prepares to jump. Somehow — and we don’t know this part, exactly, because what we’re really interested in are the dramatic photos, have you seen the photos? — rescuers manage to get to her AS SHE JUMPS. One gets her in a neck-hold, and she hangs there. Someone takes a photo. Many photos. Video, too. The woman, who is okay as far as these things go, is pulled back inside. Quickly, the images spread out across the Internet. People are shocked. People express their concern, and their gladness that she was rescued. People hope for the best. People…begin to critique her shoes.

Weddings: Everyone has an opinion. Also, Shoes: Not the problem.