Kian Khatibi Graduates NYU After 9 Years in Jail for a Crime His Brother Committed


Walking in NYU’s commencement ceremony today is a guy with a particularly moving story: He’s 35, and was imprisoned for 9 years for a crime he didn’t commit, which his brother finally confessed to, allowing for his release three years ago. At 22, Kian Khatibi had been at a bar in Pleasantville, New York, when a fight began. His brother was also at the bar. A man was stabbed outside and almost died; another bar-goer was injured, and Khatibi was blamed, then imprisoned.

Following his brother’s confession to the crime, the two are, as you might imagine, no longer in touch; his brother escapes being tried due to the statute of limitations.

Congrats to all the new grads, and a special one to Khatibi, who graduates as an undergrad from NYU’s Steinhardt School of Education. “I never thought I would have this great opportunity to succeed, and that makes it a much more wonderful experience,” he told the Daily News. Next up: law school.

Wrongly imprisoned for nine years, Kian Khatibi will don cap and gown at NYU commencement [NYDN]