Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Leaks; Interscope Execs’ Tears To Water FarmVille’s Crops


Last night–just after your trusty SOTC blogger left the office, as a matter of fact–Lady Gaga’s Born This Way leaked, thrilling impatient pop listeners and giving the Web Sheriff an entirely new headache. A cursory listen so far reveals a lot of homages, unsurprisingly, to pop’s darker sides during the late ’80s/early ’90s–heavy dance beats that sound like they were scraped off a dumpster, the occasional German accent, stinging guitars, and, of course, drop-the-façade ballads that evoke the most garment-rending heights of Desmond Child and Diane Warren (And while the lyrics could use a bit of editing here and there, “I want your whisky mouth/ all over my blonde south,” from the surprisingly downtempo “Heavy Metal Lover,” is pretty wonderfully risqué.) More to come as the day goes on–especially given that Gaga herself has yet to weigh in–but for now, feel free to share your first impressions here.