Lakeysha Beard Talks for 16 Hours on an Amtrak Quiet Car, Makes Everyone Very Angry


OK, there’s no official record for how long anyone’s been obnoxious on a quiet car. But we believe that Lakeysha Beard, who spoke loudly, and nonstop, on her cell as she traveled from Oakland, California, to Salem, Oregonfor 16 hours — surely wins at least the anecdotal record for obnoxiousness. Beard “said she felt ‘disrespected’ by the entire incident,” in which she eventually (16 hours in) got into a verbal altercation with train passengers resulting in the train being stopped and her being escorted off it by cops.

Beard admitted that “she was indeed talking on her phone, but said she didn’t understand why she had to be escorted off the train.”

Here are some things we don’t understand: Why would you talk for 16 hours nonstop anyway? Wouldn’t your head hurt? Wouldn’t your throat become dry and scratchy? Wouldn’t your cell phone battery die? Wouldn’t your conversations repeat themselves? Wouldn’t you want to sleep, and eat, and live, and do anything but talk on the phone?

At any rate, the power of the malignant stares that must have penetrated this woman’s skull during her Loud Time on the Quiet Car should really be harnessed: You could probably run trains with it! Also, if this had happened on the East Coast we’d give her 5 minutes, tops.

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